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It is a strange time for all those involved in education and especially those passionate about the role of digital technology in learning.
and Bob attended the Naace meeting on the 4th June.
The National College BSF Leadership programme with Cumbria (lets hope they get the funding given everything they have gone through recently) is on the 11/12 June and a decision is urgently needed on the whole BSF programme.
Northern College Governors meet on the 14th June and then the Frog annual conference will be hosted by Bob on the 15th June in Manchester  http://www.frogtrade.com/index.phtml?d=421406
Trainee Headteacher coaching continues for the NPQH and the Lostock College governors meet on the 14th todiscuss the proposed merger with Stretford HS to form the Trafford Academy.
Kings College Cambridge is the venue for the "Partnerships in Education" day when Bob will be showcasing the Toshiba Digital Leaders project.
The RM annual bash is on the 7th July  and this is followed the same week with the Academies Conference at Lancaster Gate.
Employment Tribunals dominate the rest of July before Bob heads out to Stanford University for his annual study visit to discover more recent developments in educational research and development in silicon valley which he can share back here in the UK.



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