Bob Harrison's 21st Century Learning Quiz

Give yourself 10 points for each of the following questions that you can honestly answer "Yes" to:

1. Do you have a space on Facebook, or any other social networking site?

2. Have you recently accessed the internet from a mobile device?

3. Have you recently searched for and watched a YouTube video?

4. Have you produced and uploaded a video to YouTube?

5. Stored and shared images on an online space such as Flickr or Picassa or instagram or had a snapchat?

6. Do you have your own website?

7. Do you have an Xbox Kinect,,PS3,Xbox 360,Nintendo DS, WII, PSP or similar game and console?

8. Do you use Wikipedia or Wolfrom Alpha?

9. Have you played on an online game/community such as Farmville, World of Warcraft, Runescape, Skyrim, Pizco, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Angry Birds? GTAV

10. Have you communicated online with people from other countries?

11. Do you regularly use Twitter?

12. Have you got an I-Google or iLife account?

13. Have you used Skype to make a video call?

14. Do you read, comment on, or have your own blog?

15. Do you know the difference between Noodle and Moodle?

16 Not used a desk top pc for over a year?

17 Use Google alerts or Google Docs?

18 Know what QR stands for?

19 Know the difference between a dragon and a firefox?

20 Realise that a cloud doesn’t mean you need an umbrella?

21 Know that licorize is not delicious?

22 Explain what PEGI means?

23 Use RSS feeds?

24 Have a digital avatar?

25 Spoken to Siri this week?

26 Think SHAZAM is magic

27 Know that you do not need to work underground to be good at Minecraft?

28 Done some FACETIME recently?

29 Could you recognise a mooc from a moo cow?

30 Would you use Tinder to strike a match?


80-100%  Congratulations - you are in good shape to cope for the 21st century as a learner and digital citizen.

50-80%  Well done - you are on the right lines but need to speed up a little to stay in touch

20-50%  Where have you been for the last 3 years? You live in a different world!

0-20%   Hello?? Hello??